What is Diamond 888?

Diamond 888 is a sophisticated retail routing platform that offers carriers A-Z retail connectivity, by allowing the users to create and manage diverse routing schemes.

Diamond 888 was designed to meet the various needs and requirements of different size businesses: it can be used as an A-Z terminating platform or as an individualized tool that caters toward companies that want to offer tailored high quality to specific ethnic groups.

By using Diamond 888, worldwide carriers benefit from our extensive technical capabilities that start with international call completion and end with individualized reporting and excellent customer care.

Diamond 888 has become the favorite option for companies that have their own retail traffic and require outstanding quality and 24/7 assistance all year round.

Why do I want to become a Diamond 888 customer?

  • We offer rock solid diamond quality: our providers are only carriers that manage to pass internal examinations and qualify into our in house built worldwide quality requirement chart;
  • You can choose how much you want to pay: you can create and manage different routing schemes with different rates or you can adhere to pre-set ones that were designed in order to simplify your work and maximize your results.
  • Prior testing done by Nobel: unlike any other platforms, Diamond 888 offers reliable traffic stats, as the numbers displayed are the live ASRs and ACDs of Nobel's own organic calling card traffic.
  • The system updates every 2 hours: depending on the routing scheme you select, you can benefit from any decrease that our own retail routing receives; we pass all decreases to you immediately, thus maximizing your profitability;
  • Finely tuned Reporting functionality: depending on the parameters you want to analyze, you have the option of viewing your data on different dates or destinations. Calls, minutes, ASRs, ACDs can also act as filters for displaying the info you need in case you are in search for a more in depth analysis.


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